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Introduction: Rehabilitation of atrophic maxillae can be a real challenge, even for experienced surgeons. The search for faster and less morbid treatments, with the possibility of immediate loading, has led surgeons to apply bone anchoring techniques, with longer implants, anchored in areas further away from the alveolar ridge.

Objective: The objective of this article is to describe a case report of rehabilitation of atrophic maxilla with Transnasal and Zygomatic implants.

Case report: Female patient, 70 years old, with severe bone resorption that made rehabilitation with conventional dental implants impracticable. Through virtual planning, adequate conditions were found for the placement of zygomatic implants on the left side, but the right side had insufficient bone availability. The rehabilitation was performed with 3 zygomatic implants and 1 transnasal implant. A definitive acrylic prosthesis was installed 5 days after surgery. The patient has 13 months of follow-up without peri-implant alterations, with the implants osseointegrated and her dental occlusion reestablished.

Conclusion: The Transnasal Implant may be an auxiliary option for the total rehabilitation of the atrophic maxilla. Virtual planning with computed tomography is essential to guarantee the success of the technique and reduce the chances of problems related to the installation of transnasal implants.


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